Best Taxi Fare Deal Confirmed !


Some cities in the country are still notorious about their taxis refusing the passengers. In cities like Kolkata, this is a regular happening. Thanks to the efforts from the authorities, that is not the case in Delhi. The big cities thrive and grow on economics for which taxis play an important role! Making sure that the executives and managers reach the right place at the right time rests on the shoulders of the taxi services. The call can be as urgent as making it to the airport and the rail station at the right time, or making sure that a patient is taken to the doctor or the nearest hospital at the earliest. Thankfully, the Taxioncall Pvt. Ltd. has launched its unique and indigenous taxi service, the, where one is assured of the best possible services.

It is of prime importance for a taxi service! Imagine a person relying on a taxi service that never turns up, or does so at a late hour! It is not just the less time that one gets for travelling, increasing risk of fast driving on roads, it also taxes the person emotionally by getting him or her extremely tensed! In today's circumstances where there is already so much of stress and tension to deal with, who would like to add on to them?

With online taxi or cab booking with our services, punctuality comes first! Wherever we are, if we accept a call online, one can be rest assured that our taxi will be there before time!

Oh, it's a word that doesn't exist in our dictionary! With a huge fleet of taxis operating 24X7 across Delhi and Agra, there is literally 'zero' chances of a refusal once you try to book us. We have the website where you put in your details for point to point taxi booking, and we SMS you the booking details at once. We also deliver you the cab no. and the driver's contact no. so as to ensure that you be in touch with the cab and know when it will be at your doorstep.

All our taxis are sedans. And of course, all are AC taxis. So, there is neither a problem with the space nor with the comfort inside. There is a huge booty that can hold as many luggage as one can think of while travelling. Thus, your convenience and safety with us is greatly ensured.

Once your trip with us is over, we give you a bill, whether you ask for it or not! Many of the travelers need them for reimbursements, but most of the taxis were not having it till now!

With us, you can travel secure even amidst the night. All our taxis are GPRS-enabled so that their exact location inside the city can be tracked any time. So, even if you are a lady and travelling alone, be rest with us when it comes to security!

No Tips Please!
Our drivers are well trained not to ask for any tip! We pay them well enough, so you please do not bother! Just relax and enjoy the ride!



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